Here are some testimonials from happy clients:

Dear Greg,

It has been 3 years since you completed our log home on Big Sandy Lake.  Needless to say, we are very happy with the results of our project.  Mary Ann will retire this year and we will spend much more time at the lake.  Hope to see you this coming year.

-John, Mary Ann, and Kelly 

October 2002


Almost 30 years ago Greg & team built our 4200 sq. ft. amazing log home on Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota.  What makes this home so unique is Greg logging and harvesting all the logs himself - leaving as many knots, limbs, natural bends & curves as found in the forest.  Each are one of a kind with special creative touches to railings, etc.  Visitors to our home are in awe it's true "non manufactured" artistic creation.  

-Cindy Sheffield 1988


"These men do some fine work like they did at the turn of the century.  I would say they are the best in the nation." 

-Tommy Avery, Mall of America, Project Manager, PCL Construction

Quote from Minneapolis Star Tribune - 1991


When my husband first talked with Greg & hung up the phone he said, "I want him to build our house."  We felt an immediate connection to Greg and his wonderful family.  They are honest, hard working, and take pride in their product.  Our scribed log home is a work of art that is a combination of talents from the Anderson's and my husband Judd.  It's almost complete and we receive many compliments on its comfort and unique beauty.

-Gail Edgerton, Palmer, Alaska, 2016



Thank you for building our dream log home on Big Sandy.  With having only a plan drawn on a napkin you created our weekend cabin with a chainsaw.  Our log home is truly a work of art by a talented craftsman.

-Rick and Sandy Curry, 1986


Greg has been with me every step of the way throughout the log process of building my cabin and log tower.  It has been 9 years and counting!  He has always been available to help with orders, hauling, and expertise.  He let me borrow some of his tools while constructing my 35' tower.  I even roped him into helping me with concrete work.  Greg is very knowledgeable and generous with his time.  Thank you Greg!



Many thanks for the great job on the log work for my home.  I knew I had found the right guy for the job when I saw the massive logs you were using to build your home.  I wanted to have that feel of being in the forest while sitting in my living room and you gave me exactly what I wanted.

-Jimmy Johnson, Anchorge, Alaska, 2004


Hi Greg,

Yes! I definately like how the cabin looks, OMG how could i not??? The original beauty of the logs is back, it is pretty incredible, and all the details, so many things!! 
Thank you again and again, Bette

-Girdwood 2019



Hi Greg,


"The project is coming along well.  It is a very slow and labor intensive process being off grid. We have made three 4 day trips to the site so far and we are heading back out tomorrow morning for another four days.  I'll send you pictures of our progress when we return.  James and I really enjoyed the class and we were both discussing how much much more difficult our project would be without the training we received from the class."


-Ted, Alaska, 2019


"I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the scribe-fit technique - especially if they're looking to build a scribe-fit log home in the near future. The techniques and tips that you'll learn from Greg  will be invaluable. What you will learn from this class will keep you from making some costly mistakes on your own project; what you'll save in time and material will pay for the class multiple times over."


Hi Greg,

I found the class to be a perfect combination of classroom time and hands-on time but with more time focused on hands-on.  Greg was always on hand to instruct, assist, guide and answer any and all questions.  He introduced us to a variety of tools used during the log home building process and gave us a great list of vendors for purchasing the items.  The classroom setting was great and included bottomless coffee, snacks, heat and a restroom.  Greg and his family were very welcoming and his son Jordan was always around creating amazing chainsaw carvings.  The class provided a great foundation for the art of log home building.

-Rachel Schubert, Chugach Nation Forest Ranger - Seward District - 2019

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