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Getting Started

When you make your first visit to discuss your desire to build with log we begin by looking at estimates of costs for handcrafted log construction.  Yes, handcrafted log work is more expensive than many other forms of construction due to higher material costs with larger logs and labor costs for master craftsman/cutters.  Then we go into detailed explanation of our log joinery and why it is superior to other forms of log construction.  We explain R-Values and the reason why Alaskan Spruce or Red and Yellow cedar is your best option when it comes to thermal mass and heat storage.  We will show you specifics on allowance for settling in log walls.  We explain how the process works from an on-site visit of your building site to delivery and set up of the log work.
Once you've selected us to build your home, we will begin the design phase of your home. For your convenience, much of the details and layout can be done via e-mail and fax. A deposit will be required at this time. We also have architects and engineers for areas that require their expertise.

The manner in which we do our corner notches and lateral cuts is complex and is best explained by physically showing you how it is done. At that time we go into detail explaining diameters you should use depending on size of your floor plan, and log supports for the roof system.


Once you see our model home and allow me to explain our construction methods along with using superior grade hand selected logs, you will understand why we are more expensive than most. Our logcrafters have many years of experience in a highly specialized work and are paid accordingly.

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