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Welcome to Alaska Log Structures!  Building custom handcrafted log homes throughout Alaska.

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About Us


We are located just 20 minutes south of Anchorage at mile 100 of the Seward Highway in Bird Creek, Alaska. May 1st of 2024 will mark the start of 51 years of log Construction for owner Greg Anderson. From the very first structure to current projects, Greg has been known for the use of not only large diameter logs but the highest quality Alaskan Cedar and Spruce from Southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest. With the combination of rainforest conditions and colder temperatures make these trees the slowest growing on the planet. The privilege of using such timber makes it imperative that they are assembled using the best methods known to the industry.

We work closely with our clients from rough sketches to final blueprints of the structure. A down payment for estimated square footage of plans is required. When drawings are complete the log portion of the project can begin. Down payment for logs and start up costs is required at this time and contract with payment schedule of log work as it progresses in our building yard is provided. All logs are individually selected to meet the high standards of wall construction and structural integrity of floor supports and roof members. Logs are then transported to our building yard and peeling/construction begins.  

When your log work has been completed in our building yard, the logs are numbered, disassembled, and loaded on trucks and transported to your building site and reassembled on your foundation. I personally come with a crew of men to reassemble your log work on site. 


On your initial visit we cover the following items:

✅ Any rough sketches or floor plans you might have

✅ Sample blue prints and estimate of what you will spend on your project

✅ Pictures of log homes you bring from magazines or other sources

✅ Go over pictures of previous projects

✅ Location and logistics of the property you are building on

✅ Amount of area needed to stage logs once delivered to your site

✅ Rough estimates for transportation costs and onsite equipment costs

✅ What might be the best choice for foundation and solid blocking support

✅ Our log construction methods for lateral cuts, corner notches, and insulation placement 

✅ Suggestions for size and species of log for your log project

✅ Placement of hardware and sample shop drawings

✅ How we allow for settling

✅ Rough estimates for your project and sample contract

✅ Log stairways and railing if applicable 

✅ Suggested stains/preservatives and maintanence

✅ Answer any questions you may have 

We look forward to your visit to discuss making your dream of a log home become reality!

-Greg Anderson, Owner - Alaska Log Structures

Areas of Practice

New Log Home Construction

Commerical Log Construction​

Log Home Restoration​

Log Building Consultation​

Log Home Evaluations

Insurance Claim Consultation on Log Homes

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