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Stone Masonry


3 Generations of Stone Masonry experience

Whether you are looking for a real stone fireplace or cultured stone as accents for a traditional home or stone for a commercial project, we can provide what you need.  Greg Anderson started working with his father in the mid 1960's learning the art of stonework before starting handcrafted log construction in the early 70's.  Roger, Greg,and his son Jason have a combined 150+ years of experience in stone masonry.  We view the stone fireplace in your home as the crowning addition to the overall project. The combination of handcrafted log work with real stone foundations and fireplaces simply cannot be matched in strength, durability, and eye appeal. Technology of fireplace inserts has seen dramatic improvement with "secondary burn" increasing efficiency, less particulate buildup in the chimney, and increased heat output.  We feel that this form of heat can and should be efficient and serve as a safety backup during times of power outages or down time with other sources of heat for those that only want to use firewood part time. 

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