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Log Building School - $3,000.00 per student
May 15-26, 2023

While the art of log building has been around for centuries, starting with many of the Scandinavian countries and Russia in particular, the craft has probably never seen as much interest and improvement as it has in the past 40 years. It is our desire at Alaska School of Log Building for you to develop skills of working with logs that so many have wanted to learn.  This is a unique artwork.  We feel that it is important to pass on a craft that is environmentally friendly.  Students will enjoy learning the scribe fit method of joining logs together.  Also, learning how to begin the process of selecting and cutting flats on the first course to setting cap wall logs and preparation for constructing various roof member configurations will provide you a great sense of achievement. 

Serving as the main instructor, Greg Anderson has over 47 years of experience in log construction. He has served as a Director for the Great Lakes LogCrafters Association (1990-1992), and is still active in building for others.




Our next scheduled 10 day log class will be May 15-26, 2023.  Class tuition is $3,000.00. 

A 1,500.00 downpayment is required to sign up for the class.  The other $1,500.00 is due 30 days prior to the start of the class.  A minimum of 4 students is required to stay with scheduled class.  In the event the class does not have 4 students signed up, tuition will be refunded.




Hi Greg,


"The project is coming along well.  It is a very slow and labor intensive process being off grid. We have made three 4 day trips to the site so far and we are heading back out tomorrow morning for another four days.  I'll send you pictures of our progress when we return.  James and I really enjoyed the class and we were both discussing how much much more difficult our project would be without the training we received from the class."


-Ted, Alaska, 2019


"I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the scribe-fit technique - especially if they're looking to build a scribe-fit log home in the near future. The techniques and tips that you'll learn from Greg  will be invaluable. What you will learn from this class will keep you from making some costly mistakes on your own project; what you'll save in time and material will pay for the class multiple times over."


Hi Greg,

I found the class to be a perfect combination of classroom time and hands-on time but with more time focused on hands-on.  Greg was always on hand to instruct, assist, guide and answer any and all questions.  He introduced us to a variety of tools used during the log home building process and gave us a great list of vendors for purchasing the items.  The classroom setting was great and included bottomless coffee, snacks, heat and a restroom.  Greg and his family were very welcoming and his son Jordan was always around creating amazing chainsaw carvings.  The class provided a great foundation for the art of log home building.

-Rachel Schubert, Chugach Nation Forest Ranger - Seward District - 2019

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Spring 2019 Class
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